Thursday, November 10, 2016

When I saw how he was on stage in the first and many debates, I was against Trump in the beginning. I thought he was a fraud. To some extent, it is still in the back of my mind as a distant reminder. As soon as I saw him, once he won the presidency, I think he was more humbled, a lot less bombastic, and WAY more presidential than I thought I would ever see. World leaders called to congratulate him. Bibi Netanyahu issued a video about how great the US-Israel connection would be. Also the stock market rebounded and the Dow Jones is at an all-time high.

I can't tell you the euphoric glee I had in seeing the traitorous bitch losing and then lose the candidacy. Thank GOD she did. I think America was heading down a path of irreversibility that not many could comprehend.

Now is the first time in 8 years that the obnoxious left wants to "work together." I hope Trump steamrolls over ANY one that gets in his way and doesn't want to work with him AND Congress. The GOP has not had the trifecta since maybe 1928? I hope they take full advantage of having at least that for the next 2+ years.

Idiots are still spewing hate, bigotry and bullshit about this election. All the fear-mongers are out in force trying to stir up bullshit that hasn't even happened, because he is not even sworn in! Felons are calling for the assassination of Trump and I hope they are jailed for that just like they would call for the same with Obama or any other President or President-elect..

Will I trust Trump to be a good president? Yes. Until he does something to undermine that trust, I am OK. It certainly beats the Clinton crime family still in operation! Should we also hold him accountable for the promises he made? As much as we can. Do I hope he gives back as much as he's taken advantage of being in the US and as much as he says he loves this country? Oh hell yes! Do I hope that he follows the Constitution as much as he told us, time and again? Absolutely!!

Do I hope he can "Make America Great Again" after the 8 years of Obama bullshit that has divided and pitted Americans against each other in race, class, gender issues and that America the weak will be the America of old and something to be proud of even more so since we might have just averted the worst nightmare in American history?

I pray to GOD, he can!